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"Love Uncommon" Tracks

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Timothy Vonne: Love Uncommon

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Timothy Vonne - Singer, Musician, Writer

Raised in the midwest, my first musical memory is of listening to radio stations and Mother's record collection. As I grew older, I was influenced by rock music, pop and country. My interest in singing started early and soon after I began to teach myself guitar. Later, while serving in the military, I got serious about music and knew I wanted to pursue it. After being discharged from the service, like almost everyone else, making a living took center stage. The day came when some fellow musicians and I began playing in area bars and clubs. Since that time, I've been writing songs and honing my musical skills.

This CD, "Love Uncommon" is the result of truly falling in Love for the first time in my life and wanting to put those feelings into song. They are dedicated to my wife...the one who not only made me want to be a better man...but made me a better man! There's the story in a nutshell...enjoy the music , and as always...keep loving!

                                         Timothy Vonne